Carpet Restretching & Repair

All Dimensions Floor Care is the company to hire if your carpet needs to be re-stretched. We are a company that takes pride in making sure that people have the best service possible. We serve Olathe, KS and the surrounding areas.

Carpet stretching and repair has a number of benefits. Carpet has a tendency to loosen and detach from the tacking strips. Ignoring the bulges in your carpet can be a safety hazard. Additionally, your carpet will eventually wear out.

Stretching your carpet and having it repaired can make it last longer. It can also prevent your carpet from getting additional damage. That is why you can save a lot of money with carpet stretching and repair.

Carpet stretching and repair is something that has to be performed by professionals. We thoroughly check our employees and make sure that they have the necessary credentials. We also provide them with superior and safe equipment. We believe that giving our technicians safe equipment is just as important as having superior equipment.

We look forward to performing carpet stretching and repair for you. We take pride in our work and will provide you with top-quality service. Give us a call today and make your appointment.

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