Floor Care Tips

All Dimensions Floor Care is glad to be of service, we also want you to know the importance of taking care of your flooring.  Here are some helpful tips for you to use when taking care of your floors.

Vacuum several times per week this is vital in maintaining your rug.

When cleaning your carpets ask the technician questions like:

  • What products do you use?
  • Are they safe?
  • Do you have any spotter I can purchase that will not damage my rug?
  • What is the benefits of Teflon carpet protector?

Rug doctors other wise known as, Bissell Carpet Cleaners these at home remedy’s are very bad for your carpet and will actually make things worse and cause secondary damage without you even knowing. These cleaners do not have the heat or vacuum to remove all solution which then leaves residue to cause over soiling and grime build up… Not Good.

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